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The Results of Media Fearmongering in #Taunton

She has been persuaded by the media that any talk of reducing immigration is somehow a method of persecuting immigrants themselves. Watch the full...

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Debating a Protester in #Truro

When you demonstrate they are in an unwinnable position, they will simply pretend they are not in that position. Watch the full event here:...

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Athens Needs YOU

Join Athens today to save the world: Follow me on Bitchute: You can support me via: Paypal: ...

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The Absolute State of the #Salisbury Protesters

View at your own risk. Source: YouTube

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The Utopianist #Plymouth

When your self-professed political stance is "utopian", what kind of results are you expecting? Come see me in Salisbury on the 19th of May:...

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