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The Return of Nigel Farage!

Pie looks at your voting options for the forthcoming EU elections...that we weren't supposed to be having. To see Jonathan Pie's new LIVE show,...

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Another Royal Baby

BREAKING NEWS: Duchess of Sussex gives birth to a human baby. To celebrate here's clip from my Back To The Studio tour: Still available on...

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Socially Immobile

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. For tickets to see Jonathan Pie: THE FAKE NEWS TOUR go to Source: YouTube

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The Extinction Rebellion

Pie joins the Extinction Rebellion protest that is helping save the planet whilst annoying commuters. For tickets to see Jonathan Pie: The Fake News...

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The Rise of the Right.

Are there really Nazis in the House of Commons? For tickets to see Jonathan Pie: The FAKE NEWS Tour go to: Source: YouTube

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