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Why The 730 Report Sucks

For this week's Ja Rule's we compare and contrast two separate interviews on the ABC's current affairs program 7.30 - one with former Prime...

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Pauline Hanson and the NRA

A recent Al Jazeera documentary entitled 'How to Sell A Massacre' presented a lengthy undercover sting operation which looked at One Nation's ties to...

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Australia’s Most Barbaric Industry

*Warning, contains graphic footage* You've all seen the videos of sheep crammed onto barges and mistreated in Australia's live animal export industry. In fact- they...

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Kyle & Jackie O are Awesome – Change My Mind

For this week's Ja Rule's, we take a deep dive into the debate that took place between Gladys Berejiklian and Micheal Daley on Kyle...

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The Property Bubble’s About to BURST!

Over-development in this country, particularly in Sydney's west, is getting out of control. Critical infrastructure like schools, public transport and hospitals are sorely lacking...

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